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Food Processing and Packaging Machined Parts

A key area of Hillside ADR’s food industry engineering expertise is the precision machining of a variety of metal consumable change parts:

  • extrusion dies;
  • die plates;
  • knives/cutters;
  • feed screws;
  • extruder sleeves.

Stocks of many of these consumable metal parts are kept for the most popular of extruders used in the snack food industr y: Maddox, Lalesse and Planet. Machined extruder parts are supplied to UK and export customers all over the world.

We also machine consumable metal parts used in other food production equipment, such as pie and sausage manufacturing machines and sandwich preparation production lines. We also have experience with vacuum packaging tooling used for pre-­packed food production.

If you run food production equipment, you will benefit from having a reliable consumable parts supplier partner, who is able to quickly supply you with the replacement parts you need. This could be for servicing as part of a planned maintenance shut down, replacing wear parts or if you have an unexpected breakdown failure.

Conveyor and Assembly Line Machined Parts

We precision machine both metal and plastics components and also manufacture assemblies (such as incorporating pneumatic cylinders or linear bearings) providing ready to install components for a wide variety of different types of production line equipment:

  • product marketing / identification;
  • sensing equipment;
  • bottling lines;
  • packaging and sealing lines;
  • pick and place production lines.

The types of machined parts machined include: brackets, mountings, housings, jaws, slider plates, lead screws and nuts.

Industrial Robot Machined Fixtures and Tooling

Manipulator type industrial robots used on an assembly line usually have a complex multi-­linked jointed arm with an end effector attached to a fixed surface. The most usual end effector fitted to an assembly line robot is a ‘gripper’ type assembly.

Hillside ADR has extensive experience in machining different types of gripper jaws and other assembly fixtures for pick-­and-­place and welding assembly line industrial robots. We will supply any machined parts to either the OEM’s specification or to your modified requirements in the material of your choice.

Scientific & Laboratory Equipment Machined Parts

We specialize in machining smaller components to very tight tolerances for scientific and laboratory equipment, which have been supplied to both OEM’s and end users needing replacement parts. Hillside ADR offers a flexible service to customers, who can order ‘one off’ parts or small batch runs depending on their needs.

We have supplied both metal and plastic machined parts for a variety of scientific and laboratory equipment applications including: camera bodies; tooling for making contact lenses; vacuum testing machines and a variety of mechanical components used in laser beam equipment for industrial, scientific and medical use.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment Replacement Parts

Hillside ADR uses the teams’ engineering expertise to help customers successfully repair or refurbish of their electrical or electronic equipment. Using sketches, the original part or a customer drawing, we have been able to repair or machine new components, such as: electric motor shafts, seal seats, bearing and housings. Depending on your individual needs, we can supply either the individual components of a fully assembled replacement unit to order.

Hillside ADR can also manufacture tooling for the assembly and modification of electronic components; we have particular expertise in manufacturing both manual and pneumatic tools for cropping and forming LED’s. We also specialize in precision machining components for bespoke light fittings and lighting systems.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment Machined Parts

There is a wide range of dispensing and packaging production machinery used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging different types of liquid or powder based pharmaceutical products. This includes complex high speed assembly lines, with automated tool changeover facilities and fully integrated sachets and medical pouch blister packaging equipment.

Hillside ADR has supplied a number of pharmaceutical packaging equipment manufacturers. We can supply and hold call off stocks on request for change part components used in pharmaceutical dispensing and blister packaging machines. Pharmaceutical packaging equipment uses high quality precision components, machined to very close tolerances to ensure exact dispensing and leak free seals, essential for liquid or powder pharmaceutical products.

Specialty Vehicles Custom Machined Parts

We have been involved in several projects for customized, specialty vehicles, where customers have requested ‘one off’ or very limited numbers of precision machined parts, typically in a specialty alloy metal, which are sourced to order.

These specialty vehicle projects have included motorsport (cars and motorcycles), 4 x 4 off road and military vehicles.

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