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Quality Assurance of Sub Contract Machined Parts Northampton

The high quality of a sub contract machined part from Hillside ADR Ltd. is reflected by the skills and expertise of their machinists; quality is assured on the shop floor. Each machinist is responsible for making sure that the machinery, tooling and materials they use for each job are in good working order and correct, in line with the specified details on a customer's order. Particular attention is made to ensure that the exact tolerances and finish, as specified on the drawing, are being met.

ISO9001 Quality Accreditation for Sub-­Contract Precision Engineering Services

Since 2001, Hillside ADR Ltd. has been ISO approved under section 2562, which applies to the approved quality administration systems that are in place for a company providing sub contract precision machining, general engineering and allied services. The current BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate (number: 4011589), awarded to Hillside ADR Ltd. by Quay Audit UK, is valid until 2 Aug 2013.

Download a copy of the Hillside ADR Quality Accreditation registration certificate >>> here

Shop Floor Quality Controls

To ensure machined parts accuracy and quality, all shop floor measuring devices are calibrated a minimum of every 12 months, in line with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards and guidelines.

Packaging and Safe Delivery of Finished Machined Parts

The care and attention to detail for any parts machined by Hillside ADR continues after finished parts leave the shop floor. To ensure that machined parts or assemblies arrive undamaged at a customer, after a final inspection, finished items are bagged, bubble wrapped and boxed as required. Larger components which can suffer from corrosion due to moisture during storage are additionally covered with anti-­rust paper to protect them. Then completed orders are put into appropriate cardboard boxes, sealed and labelled, ready for despatch.

Export Orders:For export orders sent by air freight or sea container, if any specific protective packaging is needed, this can be provided on request, subject to quotation.

Customer Specific Packaging:As part of our service, any customer using 'customised' component packaging/storage trays specially designed to use on their assembly lines can provide us with empty trays which we will replenish with finished machined parts, stretch wrapped and palletised where needed.

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